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How Freedom Checks are for Regular Investors While Trump Bonus Checks are for Billionaires

Matt Badiali revealed Freedom Checks to many in the investment world in early 2018. Since that time a similar investment has cropped up called Trump Bonus Checks. Some people think these are both the same thing but that most certainly isn’t the case. Freedom Checks are a legitimate investment while Trump Bonus Checks were popularized as a way to sell a financial newsletter.

First, Trump Bonus Checks. Mike Burnick came up with these. He is trying to sell $99/year subscriptions to his financial service, Infinite Income, and came up with Trump Bonus Checks to garner attention. He says that you can easily sign up to receive these checks and he has claims on his website saying you will get huge returns.

On his website he goes on about Fred S. who gets has gotten $10,348 in this way. As it turns out Fred S. is the founder of Federal Express, Fred Smith. He does get a lot of money from his investments but that’s from dividends paid out by FedEx. As he’s a multi-billionaire he has far more invested than regular people ever would so it stands to reason he’ll get large returns.

Freedom Checks, though, can pay out big returns to investors who don’t have billions to invest like, well, just about all of us. Freedom Checks is another name for MLP or Master Limited Partnership. Existing for decades these involve companies who have been allowed to set up a unique tax structure. This allows them to pay out huge returns to their shareholders in the form of regular dividend payments. To know more about the company click here.

These types of organizations pass through 90 percent of what they earn to their investors. By forming as an MLP these companies have greatly contributed to reducing America’ reliance on foreign oil and making us freer. There are now around 570 MLPs in the United States and in just the next year they are expected to pay out around $34.6 billion. All of these companies are in the oil and gas business and make most of their money from oil and gas fields across the United States.

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