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CloudWick: Data Storage Solutions

As businesses continue to expand more and more of their services online, the volume of data that is generated continues to grow at an endless pace. Because of this, many companies now experience issues when it comes to not only having the capacity to store the data, but do so in a safe and secure manner. By using many traditional data management systems, businesses often find themselves falling victim to hackers and other cyber criminals, leading to data loss and system damage. However, for those who partner with CloudWick, various solutions to data storage issues can make a tremendous difference.

Relying on advanced analytics from teams of experienced and knowledgeable engineers, developers, data scientists, and many others, CloudWick works with companies of all sizes and from various industries to create viable solutions for data storage. Through the creation of data lakes, CloudWick can give companies not only a safe way to store data, but also one that allows for easy accessibility and storage in a centralized repository.

Using an in-depth assessment of a company’s current data management environment, CloudWick can then plan and build a customized data lake based on a company’s most pressing needs. Utilizing certified Spark developers, administrators, and other personnel who between them have more than 400 certifications, CloudWick can help retail corporations, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, and many others securely store both structured and unstructured data.

Whether a company wants on-premises data storage solutions or ones involving cloud storage, CloudWick can work within their needs and budget to develop a system that will easily integrate within an existing data network. And to ensure a company’s data storage methods will continue to work well throughout all areas of a company, analytics and other methods are used to assist with other important aspects of an organization, such as consulting, development, engineering, and staffing.

Whether it’s a business desiring on-premises data storage or a multi-national corporation preferring cloud storage, this and much more is possible by using a data lake. In being able to build, monitor, and manage data clusters, companies are transformed into state-of-the-art digital businesses.


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