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Facts about Greensky music band members

Greensky Bluegrass is a musical group in the United States. It was formed in the rural parts of Michigan, but it has managed to grow into one of the significant musical bands in the country. They have risen from the humble origin through their highly successful live performances and the improvisational style they have adopted. You cannot tell what they will be doing next, and their live performances are unique. Greensky has gained fame in the country and has managed to perform in some of the most revered venues such as the Red Rocks Amphitheatre and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. In the past one and a half years this group has been all over promoting their new album. At the beginning of the year, they were performing in North America, mainly in the cities of New York and Denver.

One of the benefits that Greensky has is that they have a loyal fan-base. The fanbase is known as “Campers” and has supported the group since the early days. One of the factors that have led to this loyalty is their improvisational style. Fans can expect something new from in every show. Fans follow them around the country because they will be entertained to something they have never experienced before. Campers have been with this group since its early days, and one can only assume that they will be there for a longer time.

Greensky has a bassist Mike Devol who is also trained as a cellist. He learned cello at a young age after attending the Cleveland Institute of Music in Ohio. He even participated as a member of the Cleveland Youth Orchestra. Devol went to the Western Michigan University to study about the instrument. He later joined this group and has been working with it to provide the best form of entertainment there can be.

Another member of the group who had different dreams like Mike Devol is Paul Hoffman. Today he plays the mandolin, but this is not what he thought his future would be like. In his early life, he was an actor and a singer in the choirs. In young age, his wish was to become an actor, but today he is in a musical group.


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