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Betsy DeVos and a Harmonious Spirit

Betsy DeVos is in many ways one of the most charming and influential figures the United States has ever seen. She actually has made quite an impression on the international scene as well. People from all different corners of the globe are currently more than familiar with the lady from Michigan. They know her as being an activist and philanthropist. Her adoration of charitable efforts has been widely documented practically everywhere. People also recognize the fact that she’s the latest Secretary of Education for one of the biggest nations on the planet. She works on President Donald Trump’s administration. Her role in the United States is a big one as well. It’s not one that she’s unprepared for at all, however. She’s in many ways more than prepared for it. Education is a sector that’s been at the front of her mind for many decades. She’s been campaigning for educational choice, charter schools and educational vouchers for years and years. She never gets tired of her efforts, either. She’s lucky enough to have the nonstop support of her husband, Dick DeVos. Mr. DeVos is equally interested in bettering society for the future. He’s so enthusiastic about the betterment of the United States and the world that he actually took the time to create the highly praised West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This educational institution for high school students has been around since 2010. Its location at the airport in the Midwestern city is more than convenient and appropriate. That’s due to the fact that it’s a charter school that concentrates on the aviation realm. Young aspiring pilots frequently are avid about attending the school. There are pupils enrolled at the school who are so eager to pursue their educations that they commute from lengthy distances. Some West Michigan Aviation Academy students only get the opportunities to see their family members and friends on the weekends. That’s because they often don’t live with them during the school weeks. Their residences, simply put, are too distant.


Betsy DeVos is a political figure who comprehends grace and peace. She makes a point in her life and career to be as just and understanding as possible. She doesn’t react poorly to differences in thoughts and opinions with others who are on her side, either. Her thoughts don’t always line up 100 percent with President Trump’s. The President had various statements to make that involved transgendered individuals and their use of educational institution restrooms. DeVos’ opinions with regard to that matter differed to his. She maintained a congruous flow when faced with individuals from the general public, though. DeVos knows that smooth operations and a strong attitude are key to doing well in this world.


DeVos wants education to be something that’s completely accessible to all young people who live in the United States. That in many ways explains the reason she battles it out for educational choice so fiercely. She wants students and their families to have sway. She wants students to get on educational journeys that fulfill them.


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