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Herbalife Nutrition and Wellness 2018

When a woman is expectant, she deserves to have a conditioned manner of feeding. The expectant mothers require unique food than other women. Our work as the Herbalife Nutrition is to offer an affordable insight on what kind of food you require to boost life after becoming a mother. We know that after giving birth, you require to regaining the energy in your body from the physical tolls of giving birth. Plus, you will need the energy to take good care of the infant. After giving birth, mothers need to take a lot of calories. A woman will need to take in more than 2000 calories a day, and the lactating mothers will require 5000 calories each day.


At Herbalife Nutrition, we recommend the lactating mothers to have a well-tailored diet containing replenishment of relevant nutrients. A single meal for the new mother should contain a balance of fruits, vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates. Vegetables and fruits will give out levels of potassium, folate, vitamin A and C, and fibre. Various carbohydrates, like whole grain bread, nuts, and whole or powdered seeds are rich in plants protein, energy, and fibre. New mothers should stay away from sugar added food and unhealthy saturated fats and avoid processed and packaged food.


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The Herbalife Nutrition recommends that the nutritional requirement for a new mother should get fulfilled by the use of diet. However, even a good strategized and well-thought dietary plan can still lack important nutrients. The supplements from the Herbalife Nutrition can work wonders in fixing the gap in the nutritional requirements. The wellness boosters for the new mothers from the Herbalife Nutrition contain supplements and major vitamins and minerals to promote the new mother’s diet. Our new-mother boosters hold vitamin A necessary for the immune system, vitamin D and calcium to support bones and teeth; vitamin B6 helps to regulate hormones and folate that gives the energy to keep up with the growing baby.


The nutritional booster products for the new mothers from the Herbalife Nutrition got designed with the support from the nutritional specialists to maintain high standard results. The product should get applied once every day. We ensure that the product does not contain artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and sugar. The new mother can add the booster to any beverage of her choice. People trust our products from all over the world as the leading nutrition company. We serve millions of customers across the world and intend to capture the interest of many others.






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