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Your Word Is Your Bond: Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a man who knew what he wanted to do for quite a while. He is a sound engineer that has been working in the music business for many years. He has studied in the behind the scenes of theater and music production. He says that when you attach your name to a certain product or service you have to come through for the customer. If not you will not be in the business for very long. Clayton Hutson talked to Ideamensch and the Bro Talk to discuss his career.


Calton Hutson says that his days start very early in the morning and go on until late at night. When he has a venue to set up he makes sure to get an idea that can be feasible for the audience and the performer. He says that everything has to be exactly right for the performer and the audience. He is always thinking of how people and artists will react to his work. No detail in the program goes unchecked. He makes sure that the lighting, set design, and the overall production go smoothly for everyone. That is the hallmark of his work. He is the first to arrive and the last one to leave.


One of the things that Clayton Hutson likes is when an artist comes up with new ideas for shows. He says the equipment has become much more versatile and it can be moved around easily. This makes for a more immersive experience for the star and the show overall. Two of the artists that he names are Lady Gaga and Pink. These artists like to incorporate acrobatic stunts in order for fans to get a more visually pleasing experience. He likes when artists can think out of the box and not go for the typical video wall.


Clayton Hutson is a man who will not compromise when it comes to his shows. He will check things over multiple times to make sure everything is as it should be. When he says that shows will go smoothly he means it. That is the power of his word.



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