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Oren Frank with TalkSpace welcomes Leibowitz

Talkspace, a text therapy app, now growing by leaps and bounds has hired on a chief medical officer, Neil Leibowitz. Leibowitz was formerly a senior medical director with United Health. Soon, the professionals through Talkspace will have the ability to prescribe medications using the video tool. According to Ceo Oren Frank, Talkspace recently hit 1 million users.

Talkspace offers a $79 service for talking to a mental health therapist on a weekly basis and a $49 service for the ability to message a therapist, says Oren Frank who also claims this business is now making tens of millions in revenue. Leibowitz joined this company offering help with the corporate side of Talkspace. He has previous experience in insurance which will greatly aid in his position at this company. Read more about Oren Frank at Crunchbase.com

Oren Frank‘s vision is making therapy affordable for all according to his Twitter profile. Talkspace provides a place for people to go without even leaving home. They can video chat or message a mental health professional when seeking help. With today’s depression and anxiety on the rise, effective mental help at affordable rates is becoming a necessity.

Although Leibowitz was unsure about Talkspace because it’s a different way to deliver therapy, he decided to join after getting to know the team and what they represent. Leibowitz likes the idea of affordable healthcare and sees this as another route to access therapists. With so many people seeking help, Oren Frank says in one of his tweets “mental illness will cost the world $16 USD Trillion by 2030.” It‘s a good thing we are opening the ability to quickly access more mental health professionals and now the ability to prescribe medications in video chat sessions. The world is not getting any smaller and we need help to cure all the problems a growing population needs.

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