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OSI Group : Spain’s demand for chicken increases plant production and employment

Operating in Toledo, Spain OSI Group Spain recently announced that their chicken facility has now been upgraded and now able to produce over 24,000 tons of chickens per year compared to previous years before the upgrade was only 12,000 tons where accomplished per year. In addition to the increased production of chicken, OSI Group Spain will also have the ability to generate 45,000 tons of pork and beef products as well through their facility. The upgrade to the plant also benefited the surrounding community as OSI GRoup Spain made available 20 more jobs including adding on an extra product development director to their team. The director position was a needed add-on position to oversee the increase production of their meat products.

José María del Río, the managing director at OSI Group Spain explained that the addition of this new area of the plant was a necessary one as the countries of both Spain and Portugal have been seeing a growth in demand for chicken products. In fact, according to Del Rio, the demand went from increasing 6% every year to a sudden 8% demand in just the past two. The plant itself is state of the art, both in the manufacturing side and the added rooms. Measuring an astonishing 22,600 square feet the plant includes various rooms for client presentations and demonstrations as well as a brand new lounge where employees can rest during their breaks.

COO of OSI Group David Mcdonalds stated that he is extremely happy for the additional jobs created as well as the opportunity to reach more retailers throughout the surrounding areas. In addition, David Mcdonald is confident that the widening of their product selection is sure to increase the ability to deliver the best customer service possible now that clients are able to pick and choose as much as they please with little to no restrictions.

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