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Chemistry between Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor

Ryan John Seacrest, a famous radio icon, producer and a television star was born on 24th December 1974 and belongs to America. He is highly recognized for hosting American Idol. He also hosted “Live with Kelly and Ryan”, which became very popular. He started it on a permanent basis on 1st may, 2017.

In 2013, he met Shayna Taylor and was attracted to her in the first glance. Shayna was a friend of his friend, and he liked her beauty and intellect. Things went well but not for so long! Shortly, after they were together, the couple broke up in 2014 and led their individual lives. They are now back together. Currently, Shayna is 26 years old, and Ryan is 43 years of age. Talking in an interview, she said that they have now matured enough and try not to look back into the past.

The thing which acted as a basis of patch up years later was food. Seacrest shared that he made gluten-free pancakes which Shayna Taylor loved and asked for its details. Moreover, that was the point when Ryan Seacrest fell deep for Shayna Taylor. Since Shayna Taylor is a trained chef, so the food chemistry really worked, and food owes a big credit to the present couple. She was born in Corona which is situated in California. She used to listen to Ryan Seacrest on a radio KIIS-FM and watched him on American Idol. Shayna had always been a fan of Ryan.

Both Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor were living in Loss Angeles previously, but in 2017, moved to New York. It was the time when Ryan Seacrest was being featured the show “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. Ryan finds this cross-country shift an amazing adventure and endorses the synchronization between him and Shayna Taylor. For the girl, a new city is full of fun, and she is happily enjoying her new chapter of life under the title of Ryan Seacrest.

Couple forms extraordinary compatibility and bond in every aspect, no matter if it’s the food, fitness obsession, health care, wellness or time management. They are looking forward to their happy moments in the future.

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