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Doe Deere Didn’t Give Up On The American Dream After Immigrating From Russia

The American Dream is something that everyone who is in the United States or hopes to want to be able to achieve sometime in their life. Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, was no different when she moved from Russia at the young age of 17. Her accountant mother and little sister moved to the United States hoping that their savings would be enough to get them by in New York City until they were able to find work. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned for them.

Because there were delays getting her records from school, Doe Deere had issues finding meaningful work. While she was taking odd jobs and working hard, her family still found themselves living in a cramped homeless shelter. She felt that she had reached a low point in her life as the 3 women feared that they would have to return back to the small Russian town that they had left in hopes of being able to make their lives better.

Throughout her childhood, Doe Deere had dreams of making it big in the United States as a fashion designer. These dreams continued while homeless as she filled a notebook with her designs. These designs meant the world to Doe and they caught the attention of the Fashion Institute of Technology. The Russian immigrant began attending the school after her talent was noticed. Her family were also put into a better living situation after they were given their own apartment and her mother was finally able to find work in accounting.

At this time, Doe Deere was able to regain the hope that she had lost and was able to begin her journey to founding Lime Crime. The American Dream is not something that is just for the people that were born in the United States. Many of the people who have been able to achieve it and who are currently working towards achieving it are from countries around the world. There are a lot of obstacles in the way of success for everyone but she believes that most of these can be overcome as long as you don’t give up.



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