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L’Oreal takes part with Ethics Day event with Nicolas Krafft

L’Oreal participated in their annual event called Ethics Day earlier in 2018 that brings together employees and bosses to bring motivation and perseverance in their daily lives. There is a lot that is offered at the event with assistance to any questions with a webchat to the Chairman of the company. According to the article, the event has a terrific turnout with 60% of employees participating in it from many different countries for their 10th anniversary.

The event is also a good way to spark discussion on the topic of ethics as L’Oreal has their own set of ethics which are: respect, integrity, transparency, and courage. These are their 4 principles according to Emmanuel Lulin, the Senior Vice President & Chiefs Ethics Officer of the company. L’Oreal stands by these beliefs to do philanthropy work, better the environment, and work towards equal human rights. The brand is always trying to push good ethics with resources within the administration.

Correspondents contact managers about what can be going on in the organization and report back to their bosses about any inappropriate behavior or issues that can arise. There are many resources that employees have access to and can use in campaigns, events, an online program, and website. L’Oreal has been doing this for a long time and doing so landed them on the 9th rank by the Ethisphere Institute for their ethics and by the United Nations as a Global Compact Lead company.

Nicolas Krafft is the Vice President of Global Business Development of L’Oreal and has been with the company since the year 2014. Nicolas Krafft attended the University of St. Gallen with a concentration in Business Management and also attended INSEAD with the corporate general management program. Nicolas Krafft has had prior positions that include working for L’Oreal.

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