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Fortress Investment Group And Some Of The Available Jobs

Fortress investment group was founded in 1998 as an investment organization whose main goal was the management of both private equity funds as well as hedge funds. Fortress Investment Group is involved in raising, investing as well as managing funds and assets. Through its growth, the organization has continued to create products that are capable of meeting the demands of all types of sophisticated investors.

In 2018, the fortress investment group was purchased by Softbank for 3.3 billion USD WHICH HAS SEEN THE continued participation of the organization`s participation in exciting and cutting-edge developments as set in its foundation. The organization started as assertive hedge fund and it has expanded into a global financer and investor all by itself.

The Fortress investment group is a growing organization and is, therefore, looking for individuals with professional skills in several fields. Some of the available jobs are explained below.

An individual with professional skills in Data Engineering.

The primary job of the data engineer should be receiving of data, querying, and monitoring all data into the system. The individual is expected to have strong skills in SQL and ETL to be able to help in shaping the large scale data platform and to be able to report initiatives as well as offering support to all office teams for the analysis of residential mortgage datasets.

A manager and analyst of FP&A assets.

This post requires an individual whose responsibility would be offering support to the department in charge of the management of assets. The person should be conversant with the different lease agreement and should be able to support new business initiatives. Other responsibilities include; coordination with different departments to ensure compliance with any lease agreements, and assisting with time to time preparation, doing a review, and tracking of aviation-related agreements and several others.

A real Estate Analyst.

This position requires an individual with a two years’ experience working in a commercial real estate equity side. The minimum education qualification is an undergraduate degree in accounting, finance or real estate. The person will be required to work in a large portfolio with real estate investments in the capital stack and report directly to the senior assets manager.

For More info: www.fortress.com/about

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